Timber-Lok - Large beam fasteners

TimberLOK enables you to complete wood-to-wood projects faster, easier and stronger. TimberLOK is approved in ACQ Pressure Treated Lumber. There is no need to predrill withTimberLOK, its sharp point and aggressive threads zip right into the densest woods.

A heavy duty timber screw range engineered from heat-treated steel.  No pre-drilling required and strong enough to pull even the most warped wood together securely.  The hexagonal head guarantees positive drive and TimberLok screws can easily be removed and reused.  One free 8mm hex head drive tool is supplied with every box.

Key Features & Benefits
Taperhead head countersinks for flush appearance
Range of lengths from 1 1/2" to 10"
No pre-drilling
Faster wood-to-wood projects

Code Description Head Type Length Price
C701-232 65mm Timberlok Screw (Bxd 500) CSK 65 Please log in to see prices
C701-250 100mm Timberlok Screw (Bxd 250) CSK 100 Please log in to see prices
C701-260 150mm Timberlok Screw (Bxd 250) CSK 150 Please log in to see prices
C701-270 200mm Timberlok Screw (Bxd 250) CSK 200 Please log in to see prices
C701-275 250mm Timberlok Screw (Bxd 250) CSK 250 Please log in to see prices
Please log in to see prices